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Weeknotes 2024-03-03 So much!

My Week 2024-03-03

We were all exhausted by the travel to SC for my father’s funeral and so I sort of zombied my way through the week.

I spent a good amount of time working on the sound system installation at St. Augustine. We are trying to wrap that whole effort up and move towards the video phase, but there are still a ton of details that need to be sorted out like training, integration into the worship teams, documentation, and then smaller add-ons like ambiance and choir microphones.

On Friday my oldest came to town to deal with a traffic citation and it was his first time in a court room. I hope he was “scared straight” and will slow the heck down.

The dog needed another round of laser treatment after her CCL tear a couple of months ago. She seems to improve every day, although given how hard her life is, I’m surprised she hasn’t bounced back quicker.

A small fluffy tan dog lying on a couch beside a person reading a book.

We spent a lovely morning up in Baltimore while the youngest was in German class. We had a nice breakfast at a place called Dooby’s

Interior of a cozy cafe with brick walls, customers dining and chatting at tables, and staff working behind the counter.

And then we found a nice plant shop in Mount Vernon where we talked with the owner about football (the other kind) and about his shop. It’s always great to meet the owner of a small business.

A stylish bar area with shelves stocked with wine bottles against a floral-patterned wallpaper. A potted plant sits on the glossy bar top in the foreground, flanked by bar tools, cocktail glasses, and decorative items.

We then took the oldest and his girlfriend to dinner to celebrate my youngest’s Confirmation, which happened today. We took them to our favorite Indian place in town to much enjoyment, but a major hit to the wallet.

The actual Confirmation Mass was lovely. We had a stand-in Bishop since the one scheduled had a family emergency. The music was great (they were my friends) and everything went mostly well. My youngest also read a passage and did a great job.

A Catholic bishop in purple vestments anointing a man’s forehead during a religious ceremony.


  • TV: I got to watch a couple episodes of the new Bad Batch season. It’s a great show and I’m very excited about how they will wrap this up and how it weaves into the narrative of the sequels.
  • Gaming: nothing new on this front as I really didn’t have any time to play
  • Web: This week I’ve done a fair bit of reading on various audio stuff related to my system integration project. I had to learn some new equalization techniques. I’ll post some of this later.

I didn’t gather links, but I’m planning on starting to do that this week. Here are a few things I remember looking into:

  1. https://cusdis.com I am looking at integrating some comments into posts for people who won’t create a Micro.blog account.
  2. User routing Discussion on Behringer Support

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