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Here’s a list of books that I’m reading or those that I’ve read. MANY of the books I’ve read are not on this list yet, as I am still importing my library from other sources.

Books I’m Reading Now

This is a list of the books that are currently on my “night table”, although I do most of my reading digitally (I’ll be posting a write-up on my reading setup soon).

Up Next

This is a list of the books I’m considering to read next. This is a highly fluid list most of the time. I will try to have at least one non-fiction, one fiction, and one poetry book on here at all times. My non-fiction is usually spiritual reading, but I’m thinking of making a new list for that…

Books I’ve Read

Newer books that I’ve finished are up at the top. There is bunch here from my old Goodreads account, so it’s not entirely accurate.