Javier Plumey

Faith. Tech. Life.


My /now page

What I’m Reading

I used to be the sort of person that read 5–6 books at a time, but now I try to focus on just 1 or two:

📘Check out my books page for my current, past, and future reads.



📙Working my way through the New 52 comics for Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Justice League

What I’m Watching

📺 Looking for something new! If you have a suggestion, hit me up on my Mastodon @javier

What I’m Making

🛠️ Currently working on an AV system installation for a local church

What I’m Playing

After years of not playing video games consistently, I am now playing more games, first on Xbox Cloud since I don’t have a dedicated game console.

🎮 Starfield