Javier Plumey

Faith. Tech. Life.

My Tech Background


I have worked in the Information Technology industry since 1995. I am comfortable speaking the technical language of software development, enterprise architecture, databases, and web technologies. I am comfortable collaborating with a variety of skilled workers including end users, developers, architects, project managers, and management. I am most proficient in Java but I have experience in Swift, Objective-C, .NET (VB.NET and C#), Javascript, C++, Ruby, and Python. I dabble in Ansible, Rust, Swift, bash, and COBOL.


I am a strategic IT Architect with skills in multiple programming languages and numerous platforms and experience in many facets of Information Technology. As a professional consultant for most of my career, I have worn many hats: technical lead, developer, manager, business developer, contract writer, technical supporter, tester, and architect are just some of them. I love solving problems and I am passionate about using technology to make life more efficient, enjoyable, and fun. My clients have included banks, insurance companies, ecommerce, retail, federal agencies, law enforcement, and many others. I am currently working as an enterprise content management architect for a large civilian federal agency.

Other Work

I an the owner and producer at Numinous.FM, a rising media company centered around conversations that connect and inspire. I frequently work with streaming video, digital audio recording, graphics, and animation.

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