What is the protocol for waiting in the ER for someone? Can I ask others why they’re waiting?

The Barnes and Noble by us has completely removed genres from the new book section so it’s impossible to tell where the new sci-fi books are. Hint: there were none! Why has this store gotten so bad?!

Brick building facade with sign “BABY’S ON FIRE RECORDS COFFEE” beneath three hanging lamps; a pride flag partially obscures the view on the right.

Cool spot in the city. Iced tea was good, bagel was good, eggs and cheese were meh. Nice vibe though.

I just saw a guy in my rearview mirror who had a skeleton with a pirates hat sitting in his passenger seat with his elbow hanging out of the window. He was just driving around with this thing in his car. What in the world?

Had my first work in-person standup meeting (no one stood up) in four years and it was weird. The calendar on the wall still shows 2020.

📷 #mbApr Day 10

A metro train is arriving at a station with a distinctive waffle-style ceiling.

I love the vibe of the DC Metro stations and trains.

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday about this, but I did get a chance to enjoy the partial eclipse in my area. I got to my son’s high school a little before pickup and spent about five minuted before and after the peak. It was the first time I’ve done this and I wish I and been able to see totality.

Feeling under the weather. Watching baseball with a puppy on my lap. Dinner is in the oven. Feeling quite cozy and grateful for a peaceful existence.

NYC 2024 Day 4

We headed up towards Central Park, hitting St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the NY public library, Bryant Park, Apple Fifth Avenue, Grand Central Station, a few shopping outlets, and an amazing Italian dinner.

wooden escalator at Macys.

Ornate archway with decorative tiles, framing a view of a tree and sky, implying an outdoor architectural setting.

A musician sits playing an erhu under a decorative archway, with silhouetted figures and a statue visible in the illuminated park background.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom stand before a towering, ornate building under a blue sky partly filled with clouds.

Ornate golden altar with intricate designs, surrounded by flowers, set against a backdrop of tall stained-glass windows in a cathedral interior.

A highly ornate ceiling features embossed golden flowers within octagonal, dark panels, surrounded by floral designs, in a room with white decorative cornices.

Bare tree branches intersperse, partially obscuring a modern skyscraper against a cloudy sky backdrop.

I honestly thought I would hate this, but it was absolutely incredible.

A spotlight illuminates an empty stage in a vintage theater, casting a blue hue over scattered stage props and seating area.

A theater marquee displays “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in illuminated letters with celestial motifs; pedestrians gather below. Text: “Live on stage,” “Our journey has only just begun."

A chalk-like drawing of a zebra with swirling lines and patterns, set against a dark background with light strokes resembling lightning.

My wife took this at Little Island in NYC.

Such lovely flower and plant arrangements there.

Found a funky Asian street food restaurant in Bethesda, MD today.

A lit filament bulb hangs in front of a wall adorned with various posters exhibiting eclectic imagery, including text and graphics, invoking a retro, artistic vibe.

Neon signs and stickers dominate an urban night scene, with a prominent illuminated orange fish sign in the foreground against a backdrop of various advertisements and neon lights.

So glad this week is winding down. Just a couple more days, including a hectic Easter with worship and technical responsibilities, then I’m off for five days visiting NYC!

First day back in the office after working from home for four years. Was fun to discover the IT guys raided my working space. I had some nice convos and there are aspects I’ve missed but overall it’s overrated.

A cluttered office space with desks, computers, cables, and chairs; disarray reflects ongoing activity or transition; situated in an indoor environment with carpeted flooring. There is no text.

Two stylized hands under a tap with water and soap; below is a hand icon with germs, crossed out, indicating no germs after washing.

Well, it was nice to know you Key Bridge. I know several people at my son’s school who are impacted by this in terms of their daily commute. Thankfully we are not reliant on this bridge. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by this.

Lovely day (though a bit chilly) for a walk along the blossoms.

A butterfly-shaped kite flies against a clear blue sky, trailing a long black tail.

White cherry blossoms in focus, with a blurred person walking behind, in a sunny park setting.

Today was one of those busy days that are a complete blur. Dog is sick so had to deal with lots of cleanup. Eleven driving segments totaling 125 miles. Cleaning, practicing music, taking the dog out 8 times. Can’t wait to fall asleep.

Volkswagen of Laurel’s crack marketing team. The car is all-electric.

When you cook a delicious steak dinner and then all you smell when you come back in the house is the broccoli 🥦 🤢

What a long and exhausting day! But it was very productive. I’m really glad our worship team for this weekend got a chance to use our new mics and in-ear monitors. They’ve been in the works for a long time.

Multiple wireless microphones docked in charging stations, with some cables, on a black shelf in a storage cabinet.