Currently reading: A Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan 📚

I’m amazed at the level of influence the KKK had in the mid 20s. And it’s not like all of a sudden the millions of klansmen and women had a change of heart when scandals started to rip it apart. The roots of racism run deep…

Currently reading: The Biggest Ideas in the Universe 1 by Sean Carroll 📚

I’m only a chapter in, but I love the assumption that even non scientists are able to understand the fundamental equations behind the science, if explained in a way where we are not expected to solve the equations, just why they work the way they do.

Currently reading: The Biggest Ideas in the Universe 1 by Sean Carroll 📚

I don’t recall now where I got the recommendation for this book, but since I just finished a fiction book it’s now time to switch to nonfiction. I don’t have the greatest track record finishing nonfiction, but it’s one of my goals this year to do so.

Wish me good reading!

Finished reading: Great Expectations (Illustrated) by Charles Dickens 📚

Rating: ★★★★1/2

I loved it! This is Dickens, so it was a bit long, but I’ll give it a pass because of the strong character development and the sublime use of the English language.

Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson: ★★★1/2 

I really wanted to love Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash. It has all the makings of a great tale: archaeolgy, vintage but also not-vintage tech, cyberspace, katanas, and the mafia. 

Minor Spoilers below 👇

What I liked:

- Stephenson’s prose is easy to follow and carries the story well
- theoretical and (highly) outlandish relationship established between ancient religions and information warfare
- visionary scope of what a metaverse could be (he coined the phrase, I believe)
- satirical perspective of unmitigated capitalism

What I disliked:

- Absurdity of the plot, it was just too much and his long expositions with the non-sentient Librarian and his chief allies were identical. If you have to spend literally ten pages of the main character talking through the plot, I think you’ve gone too far.
- Paper-thin characters. They had promise but other than one character calling her mom and another finally getting to be with a girl, no character had a single step of movement.
- Sexual exploitation of a minor (yes)

Overall, I’m glad I read it, as it has been on my list for a while, but in the end, I didn’t find it very memorable.