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My Week 2024-03-10

This week was a bit less busy than last, which was good because there was a little time to rest. Some of this week’s highlights included getting a chance to see the the Messiah Men’s volleyball team play nearby, running livestream/recording for a presentation on the Shroud of Turin for a school where my wife works, and a very happy dinner with friends celebrating a leap year baby at the Royal Taj (yes, the same one we went to last week!).

A volley team huddles with their arms raised and hands joined in a show of unity on the court, with spectators in the background. The players are wearing matching navy blue uniforms.

The men’s team won in 5 sets. Good match, probably a little closer than it should have been.

My son is one of the short ones in the huddle.

A computer monitor displaying a video streaming interface, with a preview of an elderly man speaking and a script on the right side. In the foreground, a computer keyboard, a mouse, a microphone with a blue foam cover, and cables are visible. 

The presentation on the Shroud of Turin was interesting. I was mostly there just to teach my Worship Tech students on how a livestream works, and the basics of operating switching and cameras, but it was still informative. I don’t know quote where I stand on its authenticity, but I can see why people believe in it.

Traffic moving through an illuminated tunnel with blurred motion.

Another day, another drive through the tunnel.

A gray VW ID.4 parked on a city street in front of a building with a “Active Physical Therapy” sign displaying services for auto injury, work injury, and sports injury.

My ID.4 parked in Mount Vernon while I wait for Alex at German school.

I really do love this car. More accurately, I have a love-hate relationship with it. It drives amazing. I save a ton of money on gas (I will never go back to dino -juice if I can avoid it). But VW tried too hard to make it “smart” and it falls short in many areas where they over-engineered (Germans never do that).

A bottle of Ecco Domani wine from 2022 in a silver ice bucket, with glasses of red wine and a blurred background of a cozy dining setting.


  • TV: I didn’t watch ANY TV this week!
  • Gaming: No games, again!
  • Movies: I was able to sit and over the span of a couple of days watch [https://plumey.com/2024/03/10/dune-part-i.html](Dune, Part 1).

I’ve started to use a self-hosted instance of Linkding to gather links. So far I am liking it, and it has an API which will let me create a shortcut to extract recent links and put them into markdown for easy insertion into this weekly column. I will see how it works next week!

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