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Meg Hunter-Kilmer's Bible in a Year Plan in Verbum/Logos

I recently started, and then failed to finish, the Bible-in-year reading plan by Meg Hunter-Kilmer. So I decided to make a Reading Plan inside the awesome Logos/Verbum app. Here’s what I did:

  1. I converted the Kindle version of the book I bought to PDF and then extracted out the pages with the reading plan. The plan is actually available for free on the page linked above, but the book is done in a Journal Style which is nice, and I already bought it. It also had an easier time exporting in the following steps.
  2. I exported the pages as a spreadsheet inside Adobe Acrobat
  3. I cleaned up the output into three columns and then, one-by-one, I copied the column to the clipboard and then pasted them inside separate Passage Lists inside Verbum. This took a little time, as there were sometimes missing entries (didn’t total up to 365). In those cases, there’s an option inside of the Passage List to export, and choose a Copy to Clipboard option. Pasting that in the column next to my original list showed why some of the passages weren’t found. In some cases the chapter numbers had been incorrectly changed to a letter, and in others, like the book of Daniel, some of the verses were not in the version of the text I had selected in the Passage List. It was easy enough to add those manually in the Passage List.
  4. I created a Custom Reading Plan and added each of the three Passsage Lists above using the option in the menu to add a Passage List.

This all worked surprisingly well and I now have a synced reading plan on all my devices with reminders to read every day!

If you’d like to use this in the Verbum app, you can access the document here.

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