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2023-07-22 Oppenheimer

🍿 Just had a chance to watch the new Oppenheimer #movie from Christopher Nolan. My oldest son (20) wanted to go see it, and even though I had seen the trailers, it wasn’t previously on my must-see list. At a little over three hours long, I wasn’t really sure the material would grip me long enough to sit through it.

Wow, was I wrong!

I don’t have the eloquence to give it a real “review”, so I’ll just drop a few nuggets of impressions here:

  • The audio and visuals engrossed me. I feel like they really nailed the aesthetic of the time. The use of black and white was interesting, and the soundtrack was very immersive.
  • Acting was quite good. I especially enjoyed the performances of Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt. Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr. I was really surprised by the number of recognizable stars including Sean Grimes, Kenneth Branagh, and Tony Goldwyn.
  • I only had a minimum understanding of the history of Dr. Oppenheimer, and this movie has renewed my interest in not only in his story, but also that of the development of these incredible weapons. The movie did a good job at introducing us to the geopolitical issues surrounding the development of the weapon and also the growth of the nuclear arsenal.
  • I’m not a scientist, but I appreciated the movie’s portrayal of the scientists involved with this effort as refreshing, highlighting their struggle of the theory vs the pragmatic implications of their work.
  • The movie did a good job balancing the perspectives of the immense power of these weapons, and also the need for such weapons in the modern world. Those that are responsible for the oversight of the weapons in the arsenals of today’s nuclear powers could always use a reminder of the gravity of the responsibility that they bear.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, enhanced by the knowledge that my oldest son still wants to spend time with his old man. I’m going to be diving into a little more history, so if you have a recommendation on further reading, please let me know!

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